You’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a chastity cage, but you’re a tiny bit hesitant and need some extra convincing. Well, I have 4 reasons listed below that you should absolutely commit to chastity today. Of course, this will all go best if you have a Dominatrix keyholder to guide you during your time locked in a cage, so I suggest you book a session to enjoy the best experience overall. Plus, there is nothing like being teased by a powerful woman who is denying you pleasure.

metal chastity cage

1. Fewer Distractions & Increased Productivity

Just think about how much time you will save if you stop jerking off all day long? Think about what other tasks you could complete, think about how much you could accomplish, if you weren’t distracted by masturbating for hours. You could get a second job, invest in increasing your education, or spend all of that time serving your Dominatrix instead. In fact, if you’re not already busy you could be working for her by cleaning her house or car. Learning a new skill could even lead to a promotion or a raise, which would certainly be a benefit to using chastity. The more time you keep your cock locked in chastity, the more chores and projects you will get done. The distraction of having multiple orgasms a day is taking so much time away from other more productive pursuits.

2. Demonstrate Loyalty To Your Dominatrix

One of the best ways to demonstrate your loyalty and commitment to a single Dominatrix is to allow her to lock your cock in chastity. She will know that you are only serving her as she possesses your only keys. Allowing your Dominatrix to lock you in chastity is a true sign of your willingness to sacrifice your own pleasure in favour of her own happiness. Giving up your orgasms in the interest of her wants and needs is exactly what a real submissive slave should be doing. Extended chastity sessions are some of my absolute favourite ways to control a slave, especially when combined with total power exchange. Keeping submissives horny and in desperate need of the eventual return of their keys ensures that slaves are always on their best behaviour.

pink chastity cage

3. Increased Sexual Pleasure & Satisfaction

Think of it like a detox from a drug that you’ve started to rely on a bit too much, your tolerance builds up and you no longer get that intense high you used to experience. The same thing happens when you jerk off too much. In fact, there is a term for when you can’t get off to normal sex anymore and it’s called “Death Grip”. The only solution is a full reset and chastity can really help with that. Once you’ve taken an extended break from any form of sexual pleasure using chastity, you’ll see how much fun sex can be again. Especially in extreme cases of “Death Grip”, the only cure is temporary abstinence. You probably don’t even remember how good it feels to touch yourself, or be touched, after a long time of going without.

4. Learn New Ways To Orgasm

Many men are curious about anal training, from pegging to masturbation, men want to know how to orgasm from sex that doesn’t exclusively focus on their cock. In my experience as a Dominatrix, one of the best ways to achieve this for the first time, is a bit of orgasm denial in advance of the anal session. Chastity can really help you focus your intentions towards other parts of your body by ensuring you are unable to touch your cock at all. You’ll know you’re ready to play again when you start having wet dreams again or leaking constantly while you’re stuck locked in chastity. Once you’re finally permitted release you will have learned new ways to orgasm that you can then combine with traditional stroking and reach new levels of pleasure.

e stim chastity device

Now that you see that chastity can improve your life in many significant ways, you’re probably wondering how long you should commit to locking it up. Well, that depends on your specific goals but overall, you definitely want to make sure you are denied for long enough to really notice. You should feel that you are actually sacrificing pleasure, not just wearing a metal cage for the day and still getting off at night. Personally, I think anything less than 2 days isn’t a real commitment as you’ve probably gone that long without jerking off while staying with friends or family. I usually recommend that my slaves commit to between one and two weeks, then go further each time. Another way to decide when you get release is to set a goal and only allow yourself to be unlocked when you achieve it. For example, I have chastity slaves who are only allowed to orgasm again, during a tease and release session, once proving they have reached the health goals they set for themselves.