I had a session about a month ago with a generous submissive who has granted me permission to write about his time serving me. The session occurred in my favourite dungeon, complete with all the tools of the trade, including cages, a medical room, and tons of bondage furniture. But let’s step back so that you can understand how “B” gained the privilege of submitting to me in person.

“B” read my website in detail and submitted a fully filled out application. As he is also Canadian, he sent his initial tribute via etransfer and he also sent me a copy of his government issued identification as well as an e-mail address for a Domme he had previously served. I reviewed all of the responses on his application and reached out with a few more about his fetishes, hard limits, and previous experience with female dominants. He passed all of my initial tests and we started to discuss dates and times for our location. I offered “B” the choice of having our session in a hotel or a dungeon and he chose the latter. While not always available either nearby or on the date chosen, I agree dungeons offer the best session experience. I made arrangements with the local dungeon and “B” sent his deposit, also via etransfer.

On the day of the session, I messaged “B” hours in advance to confirm we were still proceeding as planned. I could tell by his reply how excited he was to finally meet me in person and truly experience my power. I arrived at the dungeon early to get setup and chatted with the dungeon master while also paying the space rental fee which is a part of why you will always need to pay a deposit in advance. Of course, “B” showed up on time so there was no worry about him being a flaky no-show sub. He had been instructed to remain completely silent until on his knees in front of me and therefore followed me quietly to the throne.

I sat down and he got down on his knees before me carefully. I asked if he had a gift for me and he produced not only the tribute I was properly owed for our session, but another $200 as a tip. I told him to lay it all around my feet and to bow down and kiss my toes as he placed every $100 bill precisely. When he was done, I gave him permission to speak and asked him to confirm the safe word we had agreed upon in discussions prior to booking. As this submissive did not agree to film, there was no model release signed, only a general release of liability/consent to session form. From that point, our session truly began.

“B” had told me his main fetishes included; coerced bi, foot worship, impact play, bondage, pet play, and pegging. They have the same hard limits as me which include; blood, needles, scat, and piss. Our session began with me forcing “B” to get naked and then collaring him and leading him around on a leash as he followed close behind my barefeet. I walked him over to a spanking bench and tied him to it with leather cuffs. I let him wait there while he watched me put on my strap-on, including my big 8 inch dildo. I stood in front of his face and forced him to suck my cock while holding the back of his head. A couple of times I reached over and slapped his naked ass to keep him going deeper and deeper.

Next, I picked up my favourite light impact toys and brought them closer to the bench “B” was bound to. I start to warm up his butt skin with my hand and a series of gentle spanks. As each cheek grew pink I started to increase my “weapon” of choice and moved from the flogger, to the crop, to the paddle. Alternating from cheek to cheek kept “B” from tapping out too early but I kept an eye on his body language the whole time, just to be safe. I also knew he had a fair amount of experience with impact play from other Dominas.

Once, I’d had my fun with his bottom in one way, I decided to try another. I grabbed a condom and lube for my dildo and started to ease into “B’s” tight asshole. He took my cock well, that little whore 😉 I pegged him until my whole cock was deep inside of of him and he was still begging for more. Eventually, I’d had enough of fucking my submissive slut and let them out of the cuffs and off the spanking bench. I dragged my pet by his leash over to the throne where I sat down and commanded him to massage my feet, no worship, just pure massage. When I felt refreshed, I let him lick every inch of my sweaty feet.

When my feet were clean I told him to dry them with the towel I tossed him and then walked him on his leash over to the cage. I put my pet in the cage and locked it up tight so he wouldn’t get into any trouble as I put my toys aside to be cleaned and then unlocked my pet. “B” was then instructed on how to clean the toys as I went up to converse with the dungeon owner again. When my submissive was done cleaning he brought the toys to me for inspection, approaching me in slave position on his knees with hands out palms up.

Our session ended there and my submissive was sent on his way. As soon as he got safely home he typed up a lovely e-mail that he has asked me not to share but that expressed his true personal feelings after our time together. Needless to say he did indicate he would definitely be back for another session very soon.