Think about it. What one thing gives a person the most power in this world? The answer is easy. Money. Having financial freedom or extreme wealth affords an individual more power than they would ever have without a padded bank account. The only example one needs to prove this is the state of political campaigns and the money involved. When you consider this factor, the idea behind financial submission makes a lot more sense.

Financial Domination Is Real Submission

Not unlike traditional BDSM or kink scenes, in financial domination, the submissive gives up control over their own finances based upon pre-negotiated terms and hard limits. The financial dominatrix then dominates their finances in a variety of ways; from taking cash tributes to shopping with their slave to creating and monitoring budgets. Financial domination often overlaps with the fetishes for blackmail and homewrecking as a result.

Financial Domination Is Total Power Exchange

In fact, many will argue, and quite frankly I wholeheartedly agree, that you simply cannot engage in a true total power exchange relationship unless you are giving up control to your finances. A submissive that is unwilling to allow their dominatrix to control their entire financial situation, for example by giving them a set allowance to live on, is holding on to some power and not allowing their Domme to take total control.

Financial Domination Is True Sacrifice

Total power exchange may be the goal for so many submissives that desire 24/7 ownership but without submitting to financial domination that experience cannot truly be achieved. From the dominatrix’s perspective, nothing feels quite as good as having total control over another human being and for me, total power exchange relationships are always my end goal, even if they take time to develop.

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