Financial Servitude

Should you truly believe you are ready to serve Goddess Macha selflessly, you must complete the following slave application. Be sure you send your generous tribute first, then message to make your first impression. Remember that as a potential servant to me your job is to work hard to impress me, to convince me that you are worth my time & effort. Messages without tributes will be ignored & deleted, & you will be blocked.

Send a minimum $75 tribute to to verify yourself as slave. If you are Canadian, as I am, you may¬† e-transfer $75 to with the password “Worship”.

Bitcoin is one of my preferred payment methods and my address is : 3Af5PKBCMVZZLSRacHn5qhgAo4kbkjjx9H

If discretion is your paramount concern, you can send cash to My PO Box, completely untraceable & totally confidential. Email me for the address & feel free to do so from an anonymous or throwaway email account.

You must include answers to all of the following questions;

Fields marked with an * are required

Make sure you have been clear about why you are worthy of my time. Focus on what you can do for me, not on what you hope to get from me. Show me the respect I deserve & work hard to earn your place serving me & sacrificing for me.