Fly Me To You

For the Dominatrix connoisseur who would like to fly me to them in order to serve me in person, please note that you will pay me the total cost of a first class flight as well as a suite in a five star hotel, both of which will then be booked by me for my own privacy & security. Any attempt to avoid this booking policy will result in a cancelled session.

Overnight / 12 hours = $2000

One day / 24 hours = $2500

Weekend / 48 hours = $3000

Long Weekend / 72 hours = $3500

While sessioning together will be the priority, we all need to take breaks to eat & to rest. You will be my obedient submissive slave in private but when we venture out together for meals or for you to shop with me, we will appear to be either colleagues or on a vanilla date. This is an experience for a refined gentleman, one who knows how to treat a woman to luxurious outings. As soon as we return to privacy you will be expected to yet again bow down to me & do whatever I please.

Applications accepted here