If you’ve never had an online session you may wonder how it will proceed, well you’ve come to the right blog post. Of course, every Dominatrix is different and each session is too, but this is a general guide as to how it will likely go when you have an online session with me. Of course, it also changes based on whether you’re paying for a text, audio, or video session.

The first thing we will cover during your session is your full list of fetishes, even if you have already told me a few before booking a session. The detail I will request will depend on how long your session is, this is why I have a minimum for each medium. A short 15 minute text session submissive will not provide as much information as someone who has paid to serve in a month long Domme GFE. You will also be required to tell me your hard limits & pick a safe word. You should know that professional and responsible Dommes often talk about how a lack of hard limits does not indicate a willing slave but rather an uninformed and probably inexperienced one. Do your research! My hard limits are; blood, scat, full nudity, needles, and racial humiliation,

I am quite skilled at guiding the overall flow of a session and at incorporating many of our mutual fetishes into the time you will be serving me. You must give up control completely in order to have the best possible experience. You have your safe word & I know your hard limits, so it is time to let go. I might start by telling you to get totally naked, except for your chastity cage, then to get down on your knees & bow down to me. I could then show you my flawless feet as I tell you to worship & kiss them. I’ll decide if your cock stays locked the entire time or if I’ll allow you to stroke. If I permit you to jerk off, I will tell you exactly how to do it & I’ll probably make you eat your cum too… unless of course, I choose to deny you an orgasm.

If you’d like to have a session with me, you can find out more information here.