As someone who regularly trains sissy sluts, I am very familiar with what a proper sissy needs to keep around. After years of enjoying the sissification fetish, I have definitive a list of seven sexy items that every sissy needs in their secret closet. Now you have no excuse not to show up fully prepared to serve me in your next sissy training session.

1. A Chastity Cage

If you want to serve me as a sissy slave, you must be prepared to lock your wannabe cock into a cage. I expect all of my sissies in training to be under my lock and key, because nothing makes it look more like a clitty than a tiny pretty pink chastity cage. Something like this one pictured here would be perfect for feminizing a slut like you, go ahead & start shopping for one today, sissy. You won’t be stroking again any time soon but eventually and with my guidance you might just learn other ways to cum instead.

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2. A Makeup Kit

Any sissy needs a decent starter makeup kit which should contain at the bare minimum the following items. A black mascara or fake eyelashes, but trust me that the latter takes a lot of skill and a beginner will do better with the former. You will also need a red or pink lipstick to make those lips look cocksucking ready. While you could technically get by with just those two items I recommended already, I suggest you also get a nice shade of blush for your cheeks and a makeup bag to keep it all in. If you want to go above and beyond, grab some eyeliner and eye shadow as well as a set of nice makeup brushes. Now you have everything you need for when I show you how to put your face on like a real lady.

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3. A Wig

Unless you already have long hair, owning a wig of your own to wear during sissy training sessions, is going to make a huge difference to the whole experience. A huge part of femininity is rocking those long luxurious locks. Even if you just order a basic costume style wig instead of something with real hair that’s built for quality, it will be worth the small investment in feeling more like your girly self.

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4. Sexy Lingerie

You need some sexy lingerie if you’re going to be a proper sissy slut. You need a matching bra and panty set in silk or lace. Preferably you will get more than one set in a bunch of different colours because when we play, I want to be able to choose your outfit. Perhaps you’ll even start wearing some panties under your suit at work during the day. Maybe eventually you can even add in some cute dresses or scandalous thigh high stockings to wear out in public. Don’t be shy, let your sissy freak flag fly!

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5. A Dildo

Part of your sissy training will include learning how to suck and fuck for me. You will need to have a proper realistic dildo with a suction cup base to accomplish that. You’ll be spending a lot of time practicing how to deep throat this thing so make sure it is a nice soft silicone, not a hard plastic that will make you gag even more often than a sissy should. You will want to suction cup so you can fuck it hands free for me. It doesn’t need to be pricey but it should be high quality.

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6. Butt Plugs

I know technically I said seven items, and lingerie was already a multiple, so let me be clear that one butt plug would technically suffice, but I recommend getting a few. Ideally you’ll buy a trio (or more) of silicone butt plugs for gentle progressive anal training. I know the metal jeweled ones are so pretty so I can’t blame you if you get some of those as well. If you get some like those pictured here, try to make sure they coordinate with your new sexy lingerie.

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7. High Heels

Last but not least, although possibly the hardest to find. There’s a good reason many sissies show up to training without heels and that is the sizing issue. Even for your average woman with big feet, nice shoes can be hard to find. So this could be the most expensive item on the list easily, especially for those above a women’s size 10, which I believe is only about a men’s size 8. However, high heels make you strut in a way nothing else can, plus they make your legs and ass look incredibly sexy. So get a pair!

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So that is the definitive list of seven items that every sissy needs in their wardrobe. Lucky for you, I have a practically perfect solution and that is to let me do some of the shopping for you. I offer sissy kits for the low price of $125 USD including North American shipping and that would include a few of the main items above, specifically makeup and lingerie. If you’re a women’s size 9.5 then I can add a pair of high heels for an extra $50. Send your tribute first and then message to say where I should send it.

But you’ll still need to grab a few more items for your closet, so let me help you shop for all of them during a text based session. We can browse the perfect sissy accessories together, measure your clitty for its cage, and I’ll make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Then once all of your items arrive, we can have a live session on cam where I show you exactly how to become a sissy slut for me and you find out how much I love making you bi for me. Let the slave training begin!