If you could only buy three of my clips, which three would they be? Well, let me decide for you. I know what is best for a slave, after all. I’ve chosen three clips that cover both my most popular and my favourite fetishes; erotic hypnosis, female supremacy, and verbal humiliation. These clips will give you a great glimpse into my domination style which focuses on the power of my voice to mesmerize the viewer into submission.

Be The Best Slave You Can Be” is a hypnotic slave training clip that will mind fuck you into becoming the best submissive slave you can possibly be while serving me.

Men Are Meant To Be Used” is a female supremacy clip that will teach you your role as a male in this world. You’re a slave to me whether you are alpha or beta, it just changes how.

Porn Addict Humiliation” is a brutal verbal humiliation clip that will destroy the ego of any jerk off addict and was inspired by a documentary about these types of perverted losers.

Once you buy and view all of these powerful female domination clips you will be addicted and need to binge on my massive collection of over 600 fetish clips. You can view the original article this content is copied from at Domme Addiction.