The last two months have been some of My best for clip sales from the whole year. My slaves have been working hard to sacrifice and serve Me. As a result, I yet again just can’t narrow this list down to 3 as there was such a wide range of different clips at the top. The main themes or fetishes in this case was definitely cuckolding, followed up by financial domination and female supremacy.

1. My #1 Cuckold Fantasy

Want to know what I think about when I want to cum? What to know what fetishes makes Me the wettest? Want to know what one fantasy makes me orgasm easiest? This is one very specific cuckolding scenario that you will love hearing all about, so listen in as I tell you My most intense fantasy ever.

2. You Work Hard So I Don’t Have To

You work hard so I don’t have to do a thing. You put in extra hours and overtime so I don’t have to lift a finger. You do everything for Me so I can live a life of luxury. Paypigs like you don’t deserve to have vices other than the privilege of paying Me. If you work hard enough maybe I will even own you one day.

3. The Future Is Female Supremacy

The future is Female is a cute saying but it doesn’t go quite far enough… because men and Women aren’t equal so Female supremacy is the real future We seek. Men will worship and serve or be dismissed permanently. Better hurry up and get trained into a proper slave now before its too late.

4. Cuckold’s Point of View

You’re my cuck, chained to the bed so this is the only view you can see. Bull is fucking me under the sheets and you can only see our feet. The moans of an alpha couple fucking for real will make your cock throb in your chastity cage. Watch and listen as we make out while Bull fingers me, as we both give each other oral, and as we fuck in multiple positions. Lucky for you, I save his alpha cum in a condom treat for you. Open up!

5. A Minute With Your Mean Mommy

Sit down, Mommy wants to have a little talk with her naughty boy. Mommy expects better from you and if you don’t obey, there will be a painful price to pay. Listen up as Mommy criticizes and laughs at you, you little pervert. If you don’t stop disappointing Me you won’t like the humiliating punishment your mean Mommy dishes out.

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What fetish clips do you want to see next?

My blog is one place where I will allow suggestions on the general fetishes you want to see next month. Maybe you’re missing My amazing forced bi content or are desperate for more POV sissy makeovers, then comment below. As long as it’s not a custom clip request and you keep it to a few words instead of a full description or script, you can have your say here. Plus, if you want something more specific I am almost always accepting custom clip requests starting at $10 a minute depending on your fetish.