You simply won’t be able to resist finding more ways to serve Me once you submit to Me the first time. Serving Me will give your life true purpose and meaning. But remember the best things in life are never free so why would serving Me be? 

Ways To Serve Me

I have many femdom based fetishes but too many to list here, browse the rest of My official website for a more in depth list of ways to serve Me. As a slave, you should always be asking yourself what you can do to make My life better and easier.

Subscribe to My Fan Club

If you want to serve Me, your first step should be subscribing to My fan club. While I do have one on OnlyFans, you will find the subscription fee is quite a bit higher than your monthly membership to My AVNStars page. Thus, there is no excuse not to sacrifice $9.99 a month in order to prove you are worthy of serving a Queen like me. Turning on your auto-renew is one of the easiest ways to serve Me with minimal effort and cost to you.

Buy Some of My Femdom Clips

From financial domination to forced bi, from cuckolding to chastity, from CEI to JOI… there truly is a Goddess Macha clip for everyone. I currently have over 1000 clips in most of My clip stores. You can find them at iWantClips, Clips4Sale, ManyVids, NiteFlirt, and AVNStars. I prefer you purchase from the latter as they let Me keep a larger percentage of what you pay and I’ve passed on some of those savings to you with a discounted price.

Order a Custom Fetish Video

If you have a unique idea or just want to hear Me say your name, I also offer custom video clips at a rate of $10 per minute plus site fees and any add-ons you select. You can easily place your order using the custom clip tab here, where your payment will be kept in escrow until your video is delivered, making it a safe process for both of us. I have plenty of fabulous reviews that prove you will be completely mind fucked when you see the results.

Bow Down in An Online Session

One of My favourite ways for you to serve Me is in an online session, usually conducted via Kik. I have different rates that allow for slaves of various budgets to find many ways to serve Me, text only is $2 per minute, text and pics is $3 per minute, and video heavy is $4 per minute. All sessions have a 15 minute minimum and are unique to the slave’s fetishes and experience level. Sessions can include tasks and assignments or be more conversation focused depending on the situation.

Worship Me on An Audio or Video Call

My voice is incredibly powerful and many of My slaves find this to be the reason they choose to serve Me via a live audio or video call. My rates for live voice only calls is $5 per minute with a 5 minute minimum, while My rate for live cam is $10 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. All calls are conducted via Skype unless you call Me via SextPanther, iWantClips or NiteFlirt. I do offer a 20% discount on any live cam sessions booked (and fully paid for) 24 hours in advance.

Complete Tasks in A Slave Training Program

Often referred to as My Domme GFE in order to differentiate it from online sessions, this is an ongoing program that includes tasks and casual chat. While it is not a live session it is incredibly interactive and well worth the investment. The minimum length of training is one day for $150, with discounts offered to slaves who make a commitment to serving Me longer than that. You can read much more about my slave training program, including chastity keyholding here.

Become a Debt Slave For Me

If you are truly a financial sub, then you will want to find ways to serve Me that focus on My favourite fetish, money. You will serve Me by sending tributes and giving up financial control to Me. I will give you a budget and you will sacrifice the rest of your earnings to give to Me selflessly. You will expect nothing in return and only occasionally be rewarded for going into debt to please Me over and over again. While we may explore other fetishes together, the focus will always be on you paying Me.

Let Me Drain Your Wallet Completely

This is the perfect way for community sluts, jerk off junkies, and whales to serve Me, by letting Me fuck their wallet until it is completely empty. Other than the infamous silent senders, who never identify themselves and just keep sending crypto currency anonymously, My favourite method to use to drain slaves is PTV. Trust that you won’t be able to stop sending once I get my hooks into you, but don’t worry, you won’t ever want Me to stop rinsing you anyway.

ways to serve Goddess Macha financial domination femdom

Promote Me On Social Media

While not included above, because this task is free, you can also serve Me by promoting Me on social media. You should be following Me on Twitter while being sure to engage by liking & retweeting My posts. You should be sharing links to this and other blog posts to your kink friendly subreddits on Reddit and other similar adult-only forums.

But let Me be clear, ultimately, if you haven’t spent money in order to truly serve Me, you are still pretty worthless to Me and should remain silent until you step up to make Me happy with your cash. Now that you have this list of ways to serve Me, you have no excuses at all for not following through and doing your absolute best to impress Me.