Recently I was interviewed by and it reminded me of all the reasons I love engaging in Coerced Bi as a Domme. Sometimes referred to as Bisexual Encouragement that might actually be a more accurate description. Especially in terms of my origin story so to speak. Way back in my university days, my housemate and I would convince the straight boys in theatre to make out with each other. Sometimes we would hint that maybe we’d do more with them if they kissed first, other times they took minimal convincing. It turns out though, most guys would succumb to our pressure and kiss each other for us. I grew to crave the power of being able to make men do things that society and their sexuality told them not to do, but I can’t deny that the act itself was and is a huge turn on for me. I don’t necessarily enjoy watching a vanilla gay porn where two men fuck and suck by choice, I prefer when a woman, usually a Dominatrix, is involved in the scene and either forcing the gay act or encouraging it. While I do believe most of the subs that seek out this fetish already have a desire to suck cock, I am also completely capable of introducing these desires to a less than willing slave. So if you only want to do it because I am making you, that too can be arranged. In summary, the three main reasons I love the coerced bi or coerced gay fetish is because of the power it gives me over men, because I help men subvert gender norms and toxic masculinity, and because it’s hot making men fuck. Make sure you head over to to read my full interview as it is far more in depth and detailed than this short blog post.