If you’re an adult performer you probably have a fan club and chances are it’s hosted by the now infamous OnlyFans, but in my opinion you should be hosting it on AVNStars instead. Sure OnlyFans is getting a lot of media attention right now, but without an internal search page that doesn’t benfit us as much as many would like to believe. In fact, the increased promotion of SFW influencers may actually signal the end is coming for NSFW content as we’ve seen from many websites before (special shout out to Tumblr for example). Here’s 9 solid reasons why I think you should consider at least expanding to include AVNStars if not making the move entirely.

1. Lower International Payout Rates

While OnlyFans makes models wait until we earn $200 to cash out, AVNStars offers $100 minimum payouts which is pretty much industry standard for me as a Canadian model.

2. Faster Payouts

Not only can we request our earnings at a lower minimum (see above), when we do, the money arrives in our banks faster than with OnlyFans.

3. No Need For Two Accounts

Since AVNStars lets you switch between free and subscriber only posts, you only need to have one account. This also makes it easier to gain followers by organically and authentically interacting with other models (your colleagues) in your niches.

4. Clip Store

No need to DM your clips as PTV messages as AVNStars has a clip store of their own, and it offers the highest percentage payout at 80% compared to most others only offering 60% on clip sales.

5. Amazing Customer Service

AVNStars has fabulous customer service that actually responds in a timely manner, while OnlyFans can be very hard to connect with. OnlyFans is well known for their poor communication and last minute changes to payout amounts and other issues.

6. Lifetime Referrals

When you join AVNStars and start referring other models to signup with you, you’ll earn 5% of their lifetime earnings instead of that stopping after one year like with OnlyFans.

7. For Sex Workers By Sex Workers

With AVNStars you get a site created for and by other adult performers and promote it as such. Unlike OnlyFans that seems to be embracing their SFW content creators more than the NSFW models that made the site famous.

8. Search & Explore Functions

On AVNStars you can use hashtags to increase your visibility in connection with your free posts. No need to worry about shadow bans or relying on social media to drive traffic.

9. Higher Tip & PTV Maximums

Recently and without notice OnlyFans dramatically reduced the maximum amount subs can send via tribute as well as how much we can charge for pay to view messages.

OnlyFans vs AVNStars

In the interest of honesty, I do still have an OnlyFans account, but I am doing everything I can to encourage my subscribers to move with me to AVNStars. For OnlyFans users I charge $49.99, and while there is a ton of older content including way more full length clips, I update it approximately once a week. My AVNStars price is only $9.99 and I update it daily, including many full length clips and 3 exclusive videos you cannot see anywhere else. Plus my fans save when they purchase clips on AVNStars since they allow me to keep more of what the fan pays.

Need Some Extra Help Getting Started On AVNStars?

So while both companies offer “adult friendly” fan clubs at 80% payout, you can see that AVNStars has some incredible advantages over the alternative. Why are you still waiting to make the switch? Please at least consider expanding to diversify your income sources and use both. If you’re still not convinced, signup and follow me for FREE on AVNStars using this link and I’ll give you some tips for success as well as some cross-promotion to help you make sure you reach your goals.

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